Tha Springbreak Mixtape

by LK de l'Hotel Moscou

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    Une tape sortie en 2009, enregistré pendant la semaine du springbreak américain qui m'avait permis de retourner en France pour faire du son...




Une tape sortie en 2009, enregistré pendant la semaine du springbreak américain qui m'avait permis de retourner en France pour faire du son... Sans prétention mais avec des sons que j'aime bien aujourd'hui encore. Enregistré à l'Hotel Moscou (dans la salle de bains)...


released May 29, 2009

Entièrement produit par LK de l'Hotel Moscou mise à part "Laurent Cause", "Juste un doigt" et "I hate my job (remix)"



all rights reserved


Hotel Moscou France

Composé de Snuffomov (rappeur / graphiste) et de LK (rappeur / producteur), l'Hotel Moscou crée un univers fantasmagorique où le rideau de fer existe encore...

Dans ce monde à la fois brillant et sombre, ses deux poètes évoluent, saouls en route pour la perdition dans la mythique ville de Vladivostok...
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Track Name: Miss Puerto Rico
"(the guy) -Hey, don't you want to have some "fun" with me?
(the chick) - ah ah (ironic)
- Maybe we could sit and talk, you know, about the revoluzion and all those stuff...?
- Is that a new way to attract chicks? and what does delinquant like you know about politics?
- Shit... you're the type of girl that mouth when she received a present..."

Cachaça, hey, Bachata hey
Salsa wave hey cha cha cha hey
Classy chat, hey cane sugar hey
Rum molasses hey, watch out guy
That's miss Puerto Rico...

Verse 1
I'm just arriving and there's this girl, who's hot
Hot as a summer, buddy, so I approach her at the door in a blink of an eye...
"hello, what's your name, what's your origin?"
She answers "puerto rico, puerto rico"
A straw in the "boca"
Sweet skin like a pearl of tapioca
and a hell of temperature
M.I.S.S... please I would like...
That we negociate this here, quickly, easy , on the second floor
Don't bother about the gossips, they will quickly shut up
Just tell to your brother that his girlfriend can't forget my face
Yes, For you, I'll be cheez, the man pimpin with the perfect timing... (Okay, there's a very good pun in french here, impossible to translate, but I tried to keep the genreal meaning)
You're free, shorty? you don't want anything serious? That's cool with me!
True, sometime, I'm too romantic when I play
But, don't lie, I catched your attention as soon as I arrived
Don't say I'm not attractive to you, don't be so proud baby
So... Don't act cold or you won't make the cut!


Verse 2
Tell me, miss, you seem taned, where do you come from?
You don't really have the skin color from Calvados (a region of France where Sun really don't shine too much)
And you got a hell of a booty,
Maybe I'm over reacting, but look at your buttocks, chick!!!
Tonight, I damn need to "copulate"
And you smell like desire a mile away baby, show me what you got
Mix me a Mojito with your innovative way,
I'll drink at your lips not in the glass if you're actually open
Don't you know me? I don't dance, I don't dance...
But we can have a blast at the bar, so... Vodka, in this case...
You can dance with whoever you want mami,
You'll be mine only for the night and thrust me, you'll like it
If I don't drink too much ;), Porto, Bordeaux, Rum
You smell like spices and liquors,
Coco and coca, banana, cane, avocado
The night gives me this nice present
A nymph "Loca" flavored...


Verse 3
"Splash" young girls in the water
Pass the blunt of grass
Speak espanol,
I can't wait to get drunk with you girl...
I see you shave your leg, and for your bikini also...
I respect that you resist me, go on, have fun
Play the out-of-reach, or the temptress
"que sera sera" maybe you'll believe some of my lies, honey
Let me tell you the truth, you re hot as a weed growhouse
I want to see you passing through my life like an asteroid
Shake it for me, salsa, come on, dance
Word, man, I gotta take her to my place, cousin!
She's just hot and shocking, and her boobs seem tasty
Damn, she turns me on, and you can see that!
Play Whitney Houston, girl, I'll be your bodyguard
Plus, your man is the batty boy of the building...
I won't talk to you about wedding, don't worry girl...
But we can have some fun, before we leave, don't you think?

Track Name: I Hate my Job
Verse 1
You'll understand why I differentiate black sox and white sox...
'cause if you go to work in suit, please, don't wear your Nike Boots
I represent France in the US, but I'm not elegant
And I don't give a fuck, believe me, no bitch could have me make an effort
I hate waking up early, when outside it's still dark...
It'll be the same when I come back, no, that gonna be even worse
I need a shot, a pint, a springbreak
My life, not a Spielberg movie, we shoot with low budget
I wake up too late, so I don't shower
I don't even look at myself in the mirror, and...
fuck.. Is this of your business, man?
In the train, don't look at anybody, not even at you...
I got this grim face: "lookin for a job interview to be rejected"
And I got run to work under the Boston snow,
Half death trap, half tombstone, those puddles will bust me
Cross the street in a hurry, slip, don't watch signals
I escape death 30 times between State House and City Hall
Man, when will I get back home?
My supervisor look at me cause like I'm 30 seconds late
My fucking american colleague gets credits for MY work!
And he's asking me money to buy his fucking coffee
When I sleep, I dream of grinding his face in front of his screaming wife
There's this sexy secretary at the copy machine: Isadora
But Isadora don't like when I do the lovely guy
Latina style, "yes, I'm a whore but I'm out of reach"
Bitch, I'm a dog, and I smell that I will have you
My colleagues are all the same, in there 30's there 40's
Their stressed to death, but try to hide it,
and man, thrust me, don't talk about that with them...
They all wear those 80's Bill Gates glasses, they know I'm french
they talk to me about snails, chateau, wine menu, man
I gonna shoot one of them...

Boy, even if you got other dreams, you shouldn't skip school
So you can wake up one day and yell: "I hate my job"
Office job, networking, planning, accounting
read the notes in the margin of your contract before signing..

Verse 2
In MBA, I love them dollar bill, but don't love their bitches
they are 45 years old, they re obese under their make up
I'm the only one in baggy, the only one who don't panic for a mid term
But shit, when they organize party, I have to prepare an escape plan
I try to get myself an undergrad, when no one's looking
But I think it won't work, she doesn't want no broke guy
I tried to work on her, but I was too drunk,
Must have had too many drinks, shit, I can't even stay up...
Well, good job to get to know her, man! your reputation is dead
Tomorrow, all your colleagues will know the facts...
Shit, I should have stayed in bed maybe...
Subway, delay,
and as usual..
Slip on the escalator when those girls are looking at me...
I couldn't care less, even my ego's getting on my nerve...

Track Name: Juste un Doigt feat. Snuff
NOTE: The whole song is based on a french expression: Juste un doigt, litteraly "Just a finger" means "a little bit"... So you can easily make a pun with this expression, "just a finger" being able to mean "a little bit" or... "just a finger..." ;) ... You get it I think... I left the french expression in all the text, so you can guess when I'm talking about a finger, and when I mean "a little bit"

Intro by Snuff (Hotel Moscou)
That's Hotel Moscou, we are here to talk to you about love, know what I mean?
Because we live in a hard and desperate world, where people need feelings and love...
You gotta know how to open your heart man, not only your wallet to pay the hookers on the corner, or to buy drug...
What you need is... you know, the real wealth... It is in our heart....


And in safe too,
and in ammunition, and in big gun banana clip, and in all the fucking pussy of all those whore and prostitute, and in the drug fiends and in corrupted cops, man!!! HOTEL MOSCOU!!!

Do you want some ? Just a finger ?
I put it to begin so you can make up your mind...
If you like it, for more, you can always ask...
Do you really think you gonna say "no" to me? (I don't think so)

If I propose a drink, don't think I incite you to drink
and if you hesitate for a whisky, you can say "Just a finger" (meaning just a little bit, get it?)
And if I roll a blunt, don't think I gonna force you to smoke,
I take a puff and hold it to you, but you can say "just one joint"
Ok, girl, I don't push you to do anything you don't want to...
We can go out, or stay in front of the TV, just chill at the hotel
Ok girl, you re not forced to do anything, we do as you prefer
even if I hope to fuck you
I invite you for dinner, not hungry? Just an entree...
You don't like beer, so I drink just a pack
I sell drugs and if you want some...? (never!)
No problem, if you leave I won't miss you...


First, just a finger of alcohol, and then another finger
A little bit of romance, great, that's just some kind of luxury
Some dust of Marijuana in your cigarette
You wear just a scarf of silk, just 2 inch away from me,
Just give me one of your night before we separate
Let's throw a hint of fantasy on my crazy thoughts
Just a whisper of wind, a cool breeze, some music, some wine
a soft light to make the atmosphere
I come closer, slightly and gently,
In a blink of an eye, I deliver you from some of your clothing
Just this triangle of fabrics and a pinch of desire
You can have just a finger of love or you can call a cab...

Track Name: I used to get it in the bayou
what do you want me to confess? I progress stealthily...
Kia, I used to get it in the bayou
I don't know what you re talking about, I'm mute but not deaf
Kia, I used to get it in the Bayou

verse 1
Boston Logan, Amsterdam, Geneva Cointrin Airport
I arrived in the morning with luggage for my friends
I will go back with fewer pound, but with "heavy" stuff (means serious stuff in French)
Some merchandise so crazy they would make a priest lose his faith
I take a nap because of the Jetlag
Get up at night to smoke some weed
I connect with my friend, get some news from everyone, and it useful to collaborate with them
They tell me that times are harsh, that no one should show off with its drug money
But I'm not here for that, yo
Weed and Coke are watched too seriously
Now, everyone wants codeine, from here to Ohio
Give me the phone number of this guy working for the pharmaceutical industry
Tell him, there'll be no trap, I'll be sober, I gave up alcohol and pot
Clean as a nice diploma, Discreet as any Joes, no bodybuilding
I organise a quiet meeting in a mobile home
Use code on the phone, I want "blank CDs" (the code I use)
I burn them myself, I gotta do some promo in the US


Verse 2
Switzerland is a magic country, just like Paris (it's a famous french expression "paris is magic")
Myself, I live in France, but lot of business are on the other side of the border
Here, lots of products are boycotted, and people don't know shit
Man, I think should leave directly and go live in Bangkok
I'm not Escobar, don't move no container
I hide my Pills in Smarties package, and keep on counting them again and again
I move alone, but I got 6 G's looking after me,
Back in the US, man, I want Dee to sell the product for me
That s a good lookin girl, a pro to meet people in party
She gonna take her percentage, and maybe have some other business with me...
Take your membership card of the party, girl,
From Puerto Rico, to the cold Parking of Boston Mass,
Me too, I'm back at Logan airport
The fiend are here, ready to swallow the drugs I got for them
But I have to pass first the control gate and the dog police
the canin divison, expert to make you broke
Once it's done, I take my baggage and I get out of here...